Covid Care


Masks are an essential ingredient for both our staff members and customers.
It’s one of the most effective ways to be safe and has a tasteful Sleek kitchen experience.
We’re taking all the precautions to keep you safe.


Just the way it’s important to serve at the right temperature, we are regularly checking our staff members to ensure that you have no cause for worry.
We are also taking all other necessary precautions to keep you and our staff members safe that will ensure a perfect Sleek kitchen experience


A dash of cleanliness and hygiene to make things safer by regularly sanitizing all areas & materials. We are also ensuring easy access to hand sanitizers for all.
You can now visit us and have your kitchen installed by our team without worry.


We don’t take social distancing lightly, it’s a really important ingredient in the recipe for safety.
We’re following strict social distancing rules along with all other important safety protocols to make sure you & your family have the perfect kitchen experience.


In most of our favorite recipes, leaving out a few ingredients will not change the taste of the dish.
Same way, leaving the paper out and keeping all interactions digital will still make your Sleek kitchen experience pleasant and hassle-free


Like a garnish that ends a recipe on a good note, we’re ensuring that all our deliveries are thoroughly sanitized before they reach you.
We’re following all precautionary measures to keep you safe for a pleasant Sleek kitchen experience.


We’re adding gloves to the recipe too, just to make sure that you’re safe when you want to get a good feel for our kitchen materials.
We’re following all precautionary measures to keep you & our team safe.


Just like you have options for dishes when everyone’s taste differs at home.
We too have an option in the form of a virtual design consultant, to enhance your Sleek kitchen experience even when you can’t make it to our store.

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