Island type modular kitchen of sleek not only benefits you functionally, but also adds an aesthetic charm that can change the whole appearance of your kitchen. Sleek Island kitchen designs are trending in modern homes with concept of open kitchen. In open kitchens there is no separation between the kitchen and living area. Here, the stove or both the stove and the sink are placed where an L or U kitchen would have a table, in a free-standing "island", separated from the other cabinets. In a closed room, this does not make much sense, but in an open kitchen, it makes the stove accessible from all sides such that two persons can cook together, and allows for contact with guests or the rest of the family, since the cook does not face the wall any more. Sleek’s Island modular kitchen provides you the space for 2-3 people to cook together and provides more preparation and storage space. Additionally, the kitchen island's counter-top can function as an overflow-surface for serving buffet style meals or sitting down to eat breakfast and snacks. Open modular kitchens are very popular in Europe, nowadays such designs are seen Mansions, Bungalows and luxury apartments located at different regions of Ernakulum and urban areas of Kerala.

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