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Sleek’s single-wall kitchen plan is ideal for smaller homes. In this layout all the storage, cooking and washing areas are designed along a single wall.A simple and basic kitchen design that requires just one linear wall. Less popular, but no less functional, here all the three elements of a modern kitchen-refrigerator, sink, stove-are aligned on onewall.

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L Shaped

Sleek’s L-shape kitchen has two planes meeting to form a 90 degree angle. The two adjacent walls in an L-shape kitchen form a natural Sleek Work Triangle. This plan offers flexibility in the arrangement of appliances, storage and uncluttered counter space. While re-modelling your kitchen, keep in mind that the L-shape kitchen requires less space than the U or C-shape layout and is almost as efficient as compared to the U or C-shaped kitchen.

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Island kitchens have become a trend these days for the modern homemaker. Sleek’s Island Kitchen comes with many advantages, provided you have an open living plus dining room. Island kitchen has a planning that allows two or even three people to cook together at the same time. It also provides more preparation and storage space. The island kitchen not only benefits you functionally, but also adds an aesthetic charm that can change the whole appearance of your kitchen for the better.

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The parallel kitchen layout divides the kitchen into 2 parallel counters. Sleek’s parallel kitchen with this design are small and efficient, containing all essential items and appliances near you, which can be easily reachable too. Make sure there is a minimum of 4 feet space between the parallel counters.

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U Shaped

Sleek’s U-shape kitchen prevents kitchen working traffic and also provides three walls of storage with a huge counter space. Make sure that your U-shape kitchen is at least 9 feet away from the other side to provide the minimum 4 feet of working room needed in the center of the kitchen.As storage needs increased, the U-shape or C-shape kitchen type evolved and gained popularity. With cabinets along three walls, this kitchen typically has a sink at the base of the “U”.


Driven by the need for customer satisfaction, Bespoke decor has been built with the sole purpose of improving the quality of life in the Kitchen in both style and function, while adhering to our core values based on integrity, quality and customer satisfaction. Bespoke decor is a customer centric organization which aims to make Kitchen the most cherished place in home.

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